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     Born and raised on the southside of Chicago,
in a neighborhood called Little Village,
Edwin "Kwote" Alvarez was born on June 18th 1982.

Known for his punchlines and battle rapping, Kwote
has also done over 300 collaborations. Some include: King Magnetic,
Block Mcloud, Ruste Juxx, Raekwon, Singapore Kane,
Capadonna, Chino XL ,Ras Kass ,Reef the lost cauze,
Termanology, Blaq Poet, Ed O G, Rasco, Chief Kamachi, and
Nutzo, just to name a few.

In 2007 he entered in Rhyme Spitters 2 with a total of 300
emcees and came in 16th place.

With over ten years of experience he started out in a crew named "GAO"
and created a  group named, "Intellectual Dialect".
Over time everyone went their own way.
Kwote continued to build his name by being
meaningful and passionate about his craft, and his witty
sense of humor set the bar for those around him.

When asked, "What sets you apart from others doing what you
are doing?" Kwote simply replied: "I have no boundaries and
I'm willing to try anything new."

In 2011 he joined forces with Middle Ground and Gold Minded Records.

His videos "Street Survival" (produced by Jay Field), and "Rebirth"
(produced by Grim Reaperz) are both out now and you can check them
out on youtube.

Working on Tunnel Movement albums OVERDUE, OVERLOOKED, and OVERDOSE. 

Coming soon from Kwote1: "KWALITY OVER KWANTITY", (Co-produced by Grim Reaperz from Enemy Soil).
Featuring: King Magnetic (AOTP), Reef The Lost Cauze (AOTP),
Singapore Kane (Gangstarr Foundation), Ruste Juxx (Duck Down Records),
Access Immortal (Music with 9th Wonder),
Kool Sphere (Music with Premier), Jus One (Grind Time),
Halfabrick (Music with Statik Selectah), Sensa (UK Battle Champ)

In addition to "Kwality Over Kwantity", you can also be on the lookout for his
EP, "VENT", produced by Beatowski & mastered by DnaBeatz. 

         KWALITY OVER KWANTITY= co produced by Grim Reaperz from Enemy Soil featuring King Magnetic (AOTP), Reef The Lost Cauze (AOTP), Singapore Kane (gangstarr foundation), Ruste Juxx (duck down records), Access Immortal (did joints with 9th wonder), Kool Sphere (also did a joint with Premier), Jus One (grind time), Halfabrick (tracks with statik selectah), Sensa (UK Battle Champ)

          VENT - Ep produced by Beatowski mixed and mastered by DNA beats  No Features...


XFa7 Kwote1 Chief Kamachi and Lord Willin- Never got the final version lol
Ruste Juxx, Kwote1 King Magnetic, Singapore Kane - street music (Weirdo Crazeology)
Donksen Kwote1 IDE- I Need U (Ugly Tony Nightfall)
Kwote1- U Didnt Know (Ugly Tony Nightfall outro)
Sicksyllables, Kwote1, Termanology - Frontline
Sicksyllables King Magnetic Kwote1 - Next Plateau (Grim Reaper Fuck You EP Vinyl)
Kwote1 Sycksyllables- Known Killers (Aprock Joint Forces Viral)
Grim Reaperz - "The End" ft. Kwote1 & Papi Jamon (2011) (Grim Reaper Fuck You EP Vinyl)
Kwote1 - 2010 Johnie Bee Freestyle (video for Johnie Bee)
Kwote1 - "The Rebirth" cuts by Chinch33 (Prod Grim Reaperz)
Kwote1 ft. Dreamtek - Murder Ethics [Prod.By 5th Element]
Wird of Pley and Kwote1 - Die Slow (Prod. Ugly Tony)
The White Shadow Of Norway - The Art Of Raw(Pryme Prolifik, Reakt20, Sycksyllables, Kwote1) SAVAGE BY WHITE SHADOW
iLLvibe feat. Kwote1 - Up In Smoke (Prod by Rayne Drop)
BigX feat. Kwote1 - Move On
Kwote1 ft Q-Long Way Down (prod By Custom)
Midiflash - Raw Uncut (Feat. Mordekaii, Kwote-1) [Cuts. DJ NST] Pleased To Beat you

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