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     Tunnel Movement has worked since its inception in 2009 to make quality music that maintains traditions of the underground, while reaching heads all over the world and of all types. Initially comprised of emcee Kwote1 and producer Denom, Tunnel Movement (TM) has gone through several incarnations ( adding emcees Wordsplay  and N.O.A.H, before Wordsplay is no longer a Full-time part of Tunnel Movement due to personal reasons, but is still family.), eventually developing int a strong cohesive unit with a signature style in the vein of such classic groups as Gang Starr, Dilated Peoples and Mobb Deep. In its current form,TM consist of Kwote1, N.O.A.H and DJ Decept.


     Recording their first album "OVERDUE" created while Wordsplay was still an avid member of the group, was an experience that only ignited a stronger fire in the team, and especially in Kwote1. Kwote 1 is the heart and soul of Tunnel Movement. He invested money and time creating a home studio, coming up with the name, concept and really being the engine for the team. TM is relentless in his dedication to creating music and his passion is infectious. N.O.A.H  has begun to grow into a full fledged brother and partner, helping to choose the sonic sound scapes in which the two artist create. What began with one producer making the beats, has also grown with beat makers worldwide now proving  the sound Tunnel Movement is known for. Producers from Chicago (Family Biz Ent, Custom Made, Serious Beats, and Deejay Quality) France (The Grim Reaperz, Al'Tarba, Junior Makhno, and Ugly Tony) Germany (Orange Field, Kemp, and B-Side) Italy (Weirdo)  and Croatia (Scriz) just to name a few,have all created music for TM, and continue to, As apart of Family Biz Ent, Middle Ground.and Just Listen Records. Tunnel Movement has solidified there own unique sound and that is imprinted and has become a cornerstone of the greater unit.


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